Gyroscope Spin Rotor Wrist Exerciser Hand Arm Muscle Strength Power Ball Tension Relax

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Gyroscope Rotor Wrist Excerciser is a perfect tool to train the muscle strength of your wrist and forearm, so that you can drive your golf further, serve more powerful tennis or even help you relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, reduce the pain of tennis and golfer elbow.

The Gyroscope Rotor Excerciser works by spinning the gyroscope rotor inside the exerciser ball, which progressively generate higher centrifuge force with faster spin. Your hand and arm muscles are exercised and strengthen by holding the powerful rotor ball.

The Gyroscope Rotor Excerciser comes with a geared starter, which make it very easy to start spinning of the rotor. You can adjust the power generated by the rotor through rotate the wrist to control the rotor spinning speed.

The Gyroscope Rotor Excerciser is an effective training device for many sports that require strong wrist and forearm muscles, including golf, tennis, badminton, squash, cricket, baseball, boxing, archery, hockey, martial arts, mountain biking, playing musical instruments and so on.

You can also play it to release tension from daily routine works.

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