1x Silicone Swim Cap Single Colored One Size Fit All for Adult and Teenagers

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Swim better and protect your hair by wearing silicone swim cap!

There are a lot of benefits a simple swim cap can offer:

Increase swimming speed by reducing hydrodynamic drag in the water caused by your loose hair.
Keep your hair dry and block the sun off your head.
Protect your hair free from damage by chlorinated water, especially if your hair is colored or permed.
Keep water out of the ears, especially worn with ear plugs.
Keep your head warm during longer swimming sessions in cold and windy days.
Help to protect the swimming pool drains so that they don't get clogged with hair.

Why silicone swim cap is better?

Silicone has a wide range of charming characteristics to be a superb swim cap:

They can be made into huge range of popular colors and prints for sleek and stylish look.
They are very pliable and can stretch to twice their size, which makes them a breeze to remove after a swim.
Silicone swim caps are durable and highly resistant to tear and pool chemicals.
They are very soft, which makes them comfortable to wear.
Always provide a perfect, secure fit, which is important for competitive swimmers as they can reduce hydrodynamic drag better.
For people who are allergic to latex, silicone swim caps may be the only alternative.

This listing is for 1x Silicone Swim Cap.


Material: 100% Molded silicone
Size: Flatten caps measure 225 x 190 mm
For: One size fit all adult and young swimmers
Colors: Available in 14 popular colors
Weight: Each cap weights about 50 grams
Origin: Made in Malaysia