1X Sof Sole Women's AIRR Orthotic Insole Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert US 8-11

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The Sof Sole® Airr® Orthotic Insole features an encapsulated air chamber in the heel and polymer gel in the forefoot for maximum shock absorption. Combined with a reinforced stability plate in the arch and heel, the Airr® Orthotic enhances motion control and support making it ideal for customers with low to neutral arch types.



  • COOLMAX ® fabric top cover wicks away moisture
  • SKYDEX ® air capsules in heel and arch convert impact into kinetic energy
  • Nylon plate reinforces foot alignment
  • Gel forefoot enhances shock absorption
  • Provides enhanced stability and support
  • Trim to fit 

How to use:

  • Remove your shoes’ current insoles 
  • Place your insoles into your shoes to test for size
  • If needed, trim the new insole using old ones as guide

  • Fitting:

    • Choose a size closest to your current shoe size
    • Cut to bigger size to test fit, trim again if needed. Trim sides and back of insole as required to fit.

    Washing Instruction:

    Wash in warm soapy water, rinse, then dry naturally away from heat.


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