Long Tennis Ball Pickup Tube Holds 20 Balls

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After a long hard game, or a coaching lesson, bending down to pick up the balls all over the court is the last thing you want...

Tennis Ball Pickup Tube to the rescue!


Made of lightweight, durable plastic tube with patented designed plastic caps on both end, this tennis ball pick up tube not only save your time from picking up balls, but your back as well.

No more bending down to pick up balls!

The plastic cap for picking up balls is slightly small than a tennis ball, so that after you push the balls into the tube, it will stop them dropping out. The other end of tube features a plastic cap with a easy to remove locking band to keep the balls inside the tube, until the tube is full. You can then loose the locking band and dispense the balls into a ball basket.

Unlike other non-transparent pickup tubes on the market, this see-through tube make it very easy to know when the tube is full.

The build in fence hook is very handy for hanging the tube on fences off the court when not in use.

This Tennis Ball Pickup Tube also come with a shoulder strap for easy carry around.

Kids love using it to help you picking up balls. And tennis coaches just have to have it. It is also a great companion for tennis ball machines.

This item is available in 4 colors: Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple. If you want a specific color, please send a message with your order. Otherwise a randomly chosen color will be sent.


  • Quick and easy for picking up and dispensing tennis balls
  • Save time and save your back
  • Made from transparent, durable and lightweight plastic material
  • Specially designed plastic caps on both ends for pick up and dispense.
  • Build in fence hook for hanging on the fence when not in use.
  • Transparent tube for easy to see when tube is full
  • Comes with shoulder strap for easy carry around
  • Holds 20 balls.
  • Available in 4 colors: Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple


  • Material: Transparent plastic tube with rubber end caps
  • Colors: Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple
  • Net Weight: 520 gram
  • Size: 125 x 10 x 10 cm
  • Capacity: Holding 20 tennis balls
  • Origin: Made in China

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