2x Tubes of ARROW 600 (6) Synthetic Nylon Shuttlecocks Medium Speed

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ARROW 600 synthetic shuttlecocks are economically and environmentally friendly alternative to natural feather shuttlecocks.

ARROW 600 nylon shuttlecocks are precisely engineered to mimic flight performance of feather shuttlecock. The flight trajectory and aerodynamic consistency is close to feather counterpart.

The major advantage of ARROW 600 synthetic shuttlecock is represented in its durability. Its single continuous piece of plastic skirt is much better in resisting wear and tear than highly fragile feathers. Therefore every nylon shuttle will last longer for playing.

ARROW 600 nylon shuttlecocks are ideal for badminton beginner and advanced players to use in their practice sessions.

Each tube of ARROW 600 contains 6 pieces of nylon shuttlecocks.

What's in the package

  • 2x tubes of ARROW 600 nylon shuttlecocks with total of 12 pieces

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