400g TURBOJAV Javelin Throw Training Aid

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Develop and improve the proper throwing techniques for football, cricket, baseball, and track and field with the innovative TurboJav!

TurboJav is an innovative throwing implement developed by former men’s javelin world champion and two time world record holder, Tom Petranoff. It is designed to teach young athletes the basic throwing fundamentals and mechanics in a safe and fun environment.


What is the Turbojav?

Made of medical grade polyethylene plastic material, Turbojav is aerodynamically engineered to imitate the fly and trajectory of the real metal javelin, but with a reduced length and light weight body.

Young athletes will be able to use TurboJav to develop correct throwing technique while greatly reduce the risk of elbow and shoulder injuries. By learning the proper throwing mechanics in early age, children will perform significantly better in many track and field events and other sports that involve throwing, such as cricket, football, baseball, etc. by the time they get to high school and college. This would not be possible with a real metal javelin.


  • Invented and developed by two time javelin world record holder, Tom Petranoff
  • Made in the USA with high quality polyethylene material
  • Aerodynamically engineered to imitate the fly trajectory of full size metal javelin
  • Help to develop correct throwing techniques, mechanics and accuracy
  • Designed with reduced length and weight for using by young athletes
  • Greatly reduce the risk of elbow and shoulder injuries
  • Very durable and virtually unbreakable for decades of throwing
  • Inexpensive and only costs a fraction of the real metal javelin
  • Comes with soft nose to enhance sports safety
  • Extensive training guides and video instructions available online at www.turbojav.com

400g TurboJav

The 400 gram TurboJav is widely used in primary and middle schools, USATF, AAU, Special Olympics events and training.

The length of 400g TurboJav is 69 cm or 27 inches.

Available in various colors and will send randomly chosen color.

Throw Equipment Specifications by Age Group:

According to Little Athletics Australia's specification,

400g Javelin is used in the following age group events:

- For Boys in U12 age group

- For Girls in U12, U13 and U14 age groups

(Note: the above specifications are a guide only. It may differs in different states. Please consult your event organizing body for specific requirements.)

  • Material: Medical grade polyethrene
  • Gross Weight: 400g
  • Length: 690 mm
  • Origin: Made in USA

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