6x Rubber Dog Fetch Balls High Bounce Pet Toy Ball Medium 2.5 in 65mm

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Build and enrich bonding with your beloved animals with this high bounce rubber fetch ball!

These 65mm diameter high bouncy balls are great to play fetch for the dogs and keep them active in the park. The size of ball is suitable for medium to large size dogs.
There are 3 colors available: Red, Blue and Yellow. Evenly mixed colors will be sent by default.

However you can specify your prefer colors during checkout or send us a message.


  • Lightweight hollow rubber balls
  • High bounce to stimulate active leap and jump
  • Buoyance for splashing fun at the water
  • Colorful and high visibility for attracting attention
  • 2.5 inch (65mm) medium size to suit most pets
  • Puncture-resistant and hard to break
  • Non-toxic and odorless material
  • Safe for your pets to play with
  • Great for indoor or outdoor activities
  • Perfect for the dog that loves to fetch, chase and squeeze toys
  • Suitable for medium to large size dogs
  • Available in 3 colors: Red, Yellow and Blue

Package Content
  • 6x 65mm hollow rubber balls
  • Normally 2 balls for each available color will be sent

  • Material:
  • Diameter:
  • Net Weight of Ball:
      70g each
  • Origin:
      Made in China

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