Footcare by Maseur Advanced Memory Foam Insoles Universal Mens UK 7-12/US 8-13

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Footcare by Maseur Advanced Memory Insole moulds to your feet for maximum comfort and support!


  • Memory foam moulds to and remembers the shape of your foot
  • Rests Tired & Aching Feet
  • Unique Anti-Bacterial Ultra-Fresh™ kills odour-causing bacteria
  • Synthetic fabric top cover reduces friction
  • Hand washable & re-usable
  • Great for people who are on their feet all day
  • Recommended for work boots/shoes, casual shoes or sneakers.
    This insole fits UK/AU Men's sizes from 7 to 12 ( US Men's sizes from 8 to 13)
      Total length is 30.5 cm.
        You can easily cut the insole along the cutting lines to your own feet size.

        For optimum comfort, trim one size larger than shoe size.

        Cut to bigger size to test fit, trim again if needed. Trim sides and back of insole as required to fit.

        Washing Instruction:

        Wash in warm soapy water, rinse, then dry naturally away from heat.


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