Hanky Panky's Junior Magic Set for Kids Magic Tricks Toys for Children DVD Kit

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Make your first steps into the Junior Magic School!

The Junior Magic Set is brought to you by the world's leading toy magic maker, Hanky Panky.

This is a collection of amazing magic tricks specially selected for young children making their first step into the magic performance world.

All the tricks are easy to learn and perform so that the budding young magician can give a remarkable performance and getting applause from audience.

With this magic set, your kids will get everything to become a aspiring magician!

Featured Magic Tricks

With the Junior Magic Set, young children can learn to perform the following truly spectacular selections of tricks that mystify every audience:

  • The incredible rabbit from nowhere
  • The disappearing hankerchiefs
  • A see-through box
  • The magic card box
  • The disappearing playing card
  • The Parrot's cage
  • The disappearing coins

And many many more!

How to Learn the Tricks

The Junior Set includes an animated cartoon instructional DVD, and two step by step Instruction Books: a written instructional book and a picture book for younger kids to follow, without the need to read the instructions.

All materials are written in 4 languanges: English, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

You can master the tricks and show off to your friends and family in short time!

About Hanky Panky Toys Group

Spectacular Magic Wallet set is made by Dutch company Hanky Panky Toys Group, a producer, innovator and manufacturer of children's magic sets for over 50 years. These magic sets are developed by the world's foremost magicians and toy marketing specialists, and manufactured by their own factory that has International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) accreditation in Thailand. Therefore the magic sets you purchased are made to the very highest of standards and are some of the very best available in the market.

Hanky Panky Toys Group has been selected as Official Partner and the official MAGIC TOYS MANUFACTURER of the FISM, the Federation Internationale des Societies Magiques (International Federation of Magic Societies). The federation was created in 1948, consists of 74 magic societies, which represent around 50,000 magicians from 40 countries.

It's Magic!

Magic is the perfect gift for any child, it aides the development of hand to eye coordination, improves presentational skills and helps build a child's confidence. All of the magic that we manufacture bear these factors in mind so that when a parent purchases a Hanky Panky Magic set for their child they know it is a purchase that will help to develop their child's skills in these areas.

  • Manufacturer: Hanky Panky Toys Group
  • Package Size: 410 x 300 x 80 mm
  • Net Weight: 770 g
  • Origin: Made in Thailand