KoolFree Unisex Travel Compression Functional Knee Length Socks 1 pr White/Black

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Travel Socks

As more and more people travel by air, the problem of so called “economy class syndrome” (ECS) also increase dramatically in recent years. The term ECS is used to describe the serious leg condition called deep vein thrombosis(DVT). It occurs when blood clots form in the legs or thighs after long hours of air travel, which make risk causing pulmonary embolism, a life-threatening condition.

However, ECS can be easily avoided if you wear gradient compression socks during air travel or long hours of standing at work. KoolFree Travel Socks are such product specifically designed for preventing DVT. With high density knitted high elastic compression tube around the lower legs, it will help to reduce blood pooling in the legs, improve blood flow and prevent the leg swelling, thus decrease blood circulation that may casue DVT.

Featured Sock Technologies

1. KoolFree Bacteria Inhibiting Fabric

Patented KoolFree yarn with lab proving long term anti-bacteria property is used to produce the fabric for sock making, which can effectively inhibits 99.9% grow of commonly found bacteria and fungi in the feet, thus prevents athlete's foot and eliminates odour.

2. High Density 3D Knitting

KoolFree socks are made with state-of-the-art machineries and manufacturing processes, with the number of needles for terry knitting are more than double those commonly available socks on the market, which makes it a much durable socks against worn out and deformation.

3. Cushioned Heel and Toe Protection

Reinforced heel and toe area with thicker terry layer offers better cushioning support to prevent shock injuries, and reducing friction between socks and feet to minimize blisters.

4. Advanced Moisture Control

High evaporative fabric can efficiently drain moisture to surface of the sock. Together with better airflow, the moisture evaporates rapidly and give your feet a comfortable dry feel. The KoolFree fabric also possesses water repelling property to enhance the moisture evaporation.

5. Compression Caft Tube

The high density knitted high elastic compression tube around the lower legs provides gradient increased pressure from ankle toward the knee, thus help to reduce blood pooling in the legs, improve blood flow and prevent the leg swelling, thus decrease blood circulation that may casue DVT.

6. Non-Binding Cuff

The soft rubber thread elastic cuff will adjust to any leg size and won't slip down and won't leave a binding mark on the leg.

7. Hand-linked Toe Seam

A hand linked level toe seam with smoother, flatter seam in the toe gives you very comfortable wearing and a non protruding, seamless feel.

Treat your hard working feet with something special...

Socks are no longer a humble and negligible footwear for athletes. They have been recognized by serious athletes as an essential component of footwear that keep the feet healthy and prevent injuries. It can even be a critical factor determine the difference between success or failure on the playing field.

In the past few decades, substantial amount of funds and researches from all over the world have been invested in making better socks for athletes. KoolFree functional sporting socks are among the best results of such endeavor. KoolFree sports socks are produced by one of the top socks innovators and manufacturers in Taiwan with nearly 30 years of research and expertise in sock making. They are the inventor of a patented unique bacteria inhabiting yarn that is the backbone of all their functional socks. They also pioneered and developed many high tech processes for making odorless, dry feel, better cushioning and protection, and other technically advanced functional sporting socks.

Your feet are your most hard working body part. They deserve something better than those 1-dollar-a-pair socks.

While our KoolFree socks are not the cheapest on eBay, you will get what you pay for: sport specific functions and top-notch quality.

  • Material composition:
  • 12% KoolFree Fibre
  • 79% Combed Cotton
  • 9% Nylon and Spandex
  • Sock Type : Knee Length
  • Size: L (for foot length: 25-28 cm)
  • Size: M (for foot length: 22-25 cm)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Package Weight: 110g
  • Origin: Made in Taiwan

Each pack contains:

  • 1 pair of socks in original retail packaging
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