METAL EARTH Himeji Castle 3D Laser Cut Model Kit Miniature Steel Architecture

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Authentic museum quality miniature 3D replicas models to captivate the imagination and inspire wonder!

These are some of the most elegant and inspiring 3D models that are designed to illustrate many magical aspects of our world.

Brought to you by US toy company FASCINATIONS, the Metal Earth series are amazingly detailed miniature construction models that you build yourself from 2D laser cut metal sheets.

Himeji Castle

This model is made from three metal sheets

Skill Level: Expert

The parts of the models are precisely laser cut on some 4”(11 cm) square steel sheets. By following instructions with minimal tools to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs and connect them at the attachment points, you can build some of the most incredibly elegant and accurate 3D models.

Created by engineers, scientists, magicians and most importantly, kids young and old, these are some of the most unique educational toys for children and adults.


Before you purchase any model, you can check out the high resolution 360 degree 3D view of the particular model on Fascinations' website:

Free instructions and technical support including online instructional videos are available on the website.

Great gift ideas for people of all ages. Start to build your collection today!

  • Model: Himeji Castle
  • Net Weight: 60 g
  • Package Size: 170 x 120 x 2 mm
  • ORIGIN: Made in China