Nassau PATRIOT 3000 Volleyball 12 Panels Spiral Laminated Official Size 5 Ball

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Nassau PATRIOT 3000 volleyball is a 12 panels spiral pattern designed laminated volleyball with advanced HS TEC (Human Sensation) technology for superior touch and feel.

Made by Korea's leading sporting goods manufacturer Nassau Sport in their Indonesia facility, the Nassau Patriot 3000 is the new generation volleyball with great quality.


  • New generation 12 panels spiral pattern design
  • Super cotton adhesion for sphericity
  • Surface panels are made of high-end soft PU
  • Dimple soft touch surface for excellent touch and feel
  • 100% Butyl Bladder for long-term air retention
  • Maintain constant elasticity with minimum pressure lose
  • Excellent resilience and abrasion resistance.
  • Superb aerodynamic control and elasticity
  • Available in SIZE 5
  • Designed in Korea
  • Made in Indonesia