SUNFLEX SHOGUN-Anatomic Competition Table Tennis Bat with Foam Core Handle 10351

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Sunflex SHOGUN competition table tennis bat is an advanced bat of Sunflex family. Featuring an ITTF approved rubber and a handle with foam core vibration moderator, this is a bat for serious table tennis enthusiasts and active club players who need a balanced bat to strengthen their offence and defence skills and develop personal styles.

Feature Technologies

  • Foam Core Handle

The handle is hollowed out to fill in lightweight but stiff foam core, which acts as impact vibration moderator, offers a better feel and more precise control. By reducing the mass of handle, it also shifts the center of gravity to the head, effectively enlarge the sweet spot and adding more power to every stroke

  • SHOGUN Rubber

SHOGUN rubber is an ITTF approved bat covering that offers high spin and speed characteristics for allround players.

  • Anatomic ErgoGrip

Designed based on ergonomic engineering study of human hands, the Anatomic ErgoGrip features an extra widening region in the middle of the handle to fit the contours of the hand for perfect firm grip and maximum power transmission.

Bat Characteristics

  • Sunflex Class – Sportive Plus
  • Spin – 70%
  • Speed – 80%
  • Control – 65%

Recommended User

  • Tactical Offensive Players

Sunflex Shogun Bat is a balanced offensive bat with built-in foam core shock moderator for better control. It is recommended for active club players and enthusiastic social players who has offensive style but want a steady bat to keep the ball in control and develop their tactics and skills.

About Sunflex Sport

Sunflex Sport is one of the world’s largest table tennis equipment makers, head quartered in Schwabach, Germany with their state-of-the-art production facility established in China. With over 40 years history of successful product development and innovation, Sunflex Sport is the manufacturer behind some of the world’s best known table tennis brands, including Butterfly and Stiga.

The “SUNFLEX” line of products are aimed at mass market consumers who demand high quality equipment at value prices. You can visit their website for more details.

  • Name: SHOGUN –A
  • Model: 10351
  • Blade: Full plywood
  • Rubber: ITTF Approved Shogun Rubber with pips in
  • Sponge: 1.5mm
  • Handle: Anatomic ERGO Grip with Foam Core
  • Grip Type: Shakehand
  • Blade Thickness: 12 mm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Origin: Made in China

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