SWINGY THINGY Stainless Steel Spring Spinning Toy Novelty Magic Kit

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Swingy Thingy is a stainless-steel spring that magically runs down your arms. Watch it roll, bend and flow!

This cool toy from a single strand of flexible metal, transforms into a mesmerizing metal bubble that spins on many objects like a cord, a tube or a broomstick.

  • Done playing. Give it a twist and it will collapse.
  • With a simple pop, it comes back to life!
  • Try passing it to a friend while it is spinning!
  • Perform cool tricks and share the amazing experience of Swingy Thingy.
  • You can throw, swing, flatten and stretch it!
  • Can be used to do a variety of tricks, spins, twirls and stunts
  • Fun for all the family!
  • Surprise your friends!
  • Everyone will love it!

For ages 6 to 15


Each package contains 1 set of SWINGY THINGY.


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