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Add more power to your racquet and customize your racquet's balance with TOURNA Lead Tape!

For decades, tennis players have successfully used Tourna Lead Tape to add power to their racquets.

After sticking strips of Lead Tape on your racquet, the extra weight acts to stabilize the racquet at impact, while gives the racquet more mass for solid shots with less arm strain. Placing weight at the sides (3 & 9 o'clock) not only makes the racquet heavier, but will help reduce frame twisting, or torque, during off-center hits.

TOURNA Lead Tape is endorsed by legendary tennis great Pete Sampras, who is known to add a whopping 43 grams extra weight to his racquet.

Comes with adhesive backing, TOURNA Lead Tape is very easy to install by cutting the desired length of the tape and pasting on racquet frame. Every 4 inches of Tourna Lead Tape adds 1 gram of weight.

Skeptical? Give it a try, and you will feel the difference.

WARNING: This product contains lead


  • Size : 1/4" x 72" (0.64cm x 182cm)
  • Weight: 18 grams in total.
  • Packaging Size : 150 x 63 mm
  • Packaging Weight: 26 grams
  • Origin: Made in USA

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