1.8 Meter Golf Lead Tape Roll with Self Adhesive

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Lead tape is metal strip made of lead for golfers making quick adjustments to their club, changing not only the club’s actual weight, but also how it feels.

Adding lead tape in precise spot of your club will definitely make a difference in a club’s total weight and swing weight.

Most golfers apply lead tape to the clubhead to make it feel heavier. It only takes a couple grams of lead tape to alter a clubhead’s swing weight and change how it feels, ultimately it could change the way you swing it.

Some other golfers may use lead tape under the grip to reduce the clubhead’s swing weight. This makes the club feel lighter and theoretically, can help a golfer gain some extra swing speed. This is also known as “counter-balancing”.

This listing is for a roll of 0.5 inch width, 72 inches length no frill lead tape, made from lead tape manufactured by Unique Sports company in the United States.

Simply use scissors to cut the lead tape in desire length and weight for your needs.

Approximately 2 inches of lead tape adds 1 gram of weight.


  • Quick weight adjustment to your irons, hybrids, drivers or putters
  • 1/2 inch wide lead tape specially designed for golf clubs
  • Self adhesive back for easy installation
  • 2 inch of tape adds 1 gram to your club


Lead tape is generally considered safe to use as long as you’re not get contact with it on a regular basis. Unused lead tape should be stored in a sealed bag so that it won't contaminate other things.

Is lead tape allowed?

The USGA stipulates in Rule 14-3 that “Lead tape may be applied to the head or shaft of the club for the purpose of adding weight (see Decisions 4-1/4 and 4-2/0.5)”.

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