50 x Plastic Golf Step Tees 34 mm (1 3/8 inches) Yellow Castle Tees

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Get the correct tee height everytime you setup a tee with the step tees!

Step tees, also known as castle tees, are very useful aids to ensure a consistent tee height for every tee shot. You will get the same height everytime you push the tee into the ground because of their castle like shape.

This 34 mm (1 3/8 ") step tee is made of plastic with 17 mm "castle" above the ground. It is a small tee and normally used for irons and hybrids.

The advantage for plastic tees over wooden ones is obvious: they never breaks! As long as you don't lost them, they last indefinitely.

Made in bright yellow color, they can be easily find in the green.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Length: 34 mm
  • Colors available : yellow
  • Weight: 40 grams per 50 pcs
  • Origin: Made in China

Each package contains:

  • 50 pcs of 34 mm plastic tees packed in tough envelope.

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