1.5kg NELCO Shot Put Competition Grade 82mm

1.5kg NELCO Shot Put Competition Grade 82mm

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High quality competition grade shot put for Little Athletics Australia throw competition events and training.

Made of high quality steel, this shot is machine turned to precise spherical shape in perfect balance. With accurate 82mm diameter, it is the same size as 2kg shot but weights 1500g. It meets throw equipment specifications set out by Little Athletics Australia in all standard events.

The smooth surface of this shot will go easy on the hands of little athletes in years of training.

Made by one of the world's leading manufacturers for athletics equipment, Nelco of India, this shot will help young athletes to develop correct throwing skills and achieve better performance.

Throwing Implement Weights by Age Group:

1.5 Kg Shot Put

According to Little Athletics Australia Standard Rules of Competition, 1.5Kg Shot Put is used in all levels of standard events in all States for:

Boys - U8 age group

Girls - U8 age group

The 1.5Kg Shot Put is color coded in Yellow to comply with Little Athletics Australia requirement.

This is a genuine Nelco product with laser printed verification label.

Schools may purchase multiple units to ensure maximum participation in group sessions.

  • Material: Machine turned Iron
  • Net Weight: 1500g
  • Diameter: 82mm
  • Origin: Made in India

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