2x TOURNA SOFT TAC 3-Pack Soft Touch Tacky Tennis Racquet Overgrip -Neon Green

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Get the best of both worlds. Enjoy the unique tacky feel of Soft TAC while not sacrificing the sweat Absorption of a high performance grip!

SOFT TAC by TOURNA is a unique overgrip that is soft to touch with a pleasant tacky feel that grabs you back.

Tourna soft TAC has an amazing feel that is both tacky and soft.
Provides superior sweat absorption, while other grips just put moisture back in your hand causing your grip to slip.
This thin overgrip wraps over any handle. Ideal for tennis, but also perfect for pickleball, Squash, racquetball, ping pong paddles, golf, archery, Baseball, fishing, just to name a few.
3 Neon Green grips per pack - includes finishing tape
​Made in the USA
Place end of overgrip at butt cap end of racquet. Secure beginning of grip by overlapping.Pull overgrip taut each turn as you wrap over original grip. Overgrip should overlap slightly.Cut end of overgrip at an angle and secure with enclosed tape. Or just fold over the last bit of grip and secure with the tape.You can use either side of grip to face your hand.
This is a extra large grip to be fitted on longer racquet handles. The XL grip is not longer in the total length of 103 cm, but also wider (29mm rather than 25mm), so it covers more space in each wrap.
Some words about overgrip......
Tourna-Grip® is an overgrip. Why you need an overgrip? The original grip on your racquet will lose its tackiness after it gets some wear. It becomes a bit slippery as time goes by. Instead of spending time and money to replace the entire grip, you can use the lower cost alternative, overgrip.
Most of the overgrips work fine when they are newly wrapped and your hands are dry. However, when your hand get moisture by sweat, especially during hot summer, even those newly wrap overgrip because slipping quickly. Then you should consider Tourna-Grip® for best performance.
Finally, some player may just use the overgrip to slightly increase grip size. When properly wrapped, one overgrip will increase the size of the grip by about 1/4 - 1/2 of a size.

Package Content

  • 2 x packets of Tourna Mega Tac Grips with 3 overgrips and 3 finishing tapes in each packet.

  • Type:
      Soft Tac Extra Large
  • Grip Length:
      103 cm
  • Grip Width:
      29 mm
  • Weight:
      30 grams
  • Packing Size:
      95 x 190 mm
  • Origin:
      Made in USA

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