36" Quick Dry Tennis Court PVA Roller Squeegee

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Removes water from tennis courts quickly to speed up the drying process. Get rolling and start playing!

This Quick Dry tennis court roller squeegee is an essential tennis hard court maintenance equipment. It is designed to remove tennis court surface water by absorbing water with the PVA roller.

PVA sponge is synthetic sponge material Polyvinyl Alcohol. It is an open-celled, highly absorbent porous material that wicks aqueous solutions quickly. It is compressible when dry, expandable when wet, has high tensile strength, good elongation and excellent resistance to most chemicals. In fact, PVA sponge will absorb way more water than any other sponge you have ever used! Also PVA is more durable than other foam roller for longer working life.

PVA roller works better when the surface is wet so that it will expand quickly and weight down to surface and roll away water.

The T frame and handle of the Quick Dry PVA Roller Squeegee is made entirely of stainless steel. It is rust resistant and durable. The whole unit weights only 3 kg.
Comes with a built in hook to hang on a fence to dry after use

The span of PVA roller is 36 inches (91 cm) and the length of the handle is 56 inches (143 cm).


  • Super water absorbent PVA Roller
  • Quickly removes water to speed drying process
  • 36 inches wide roller span to cover more surface
  • Durable PVA material resist to wear and chemicals
  • Stainless Steel T frame and handle bar for rust resistant
  • Built in hook to hang on fence


  • Materials: PVA sponge roller and stainless steel frame
  • Width of Blade: 91 cm
  • Length of Handle: 143 cm
  • Net Weight: 3 kg
  • Packaging Carton Size: 144 x 16 x 10cm
  • Packaging Weight: 4 kg
  • ORIGIN: Made in China

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