Authentic French PLANTIN Dried Mixed Forest Mushrooms 500g

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Picked and sorted out by hand, these wild mushrooms from the Provence of France can add unique earthy flavour to your dishes!

Imported directly from French producer Maison Plantin, Plantin Dried Mixed Forest mushrooms are carefully hand selected and sorted to preserve delectable taste and ensure supreme quality .

Plantin Dried Mixed Forest Mushrooms 500g is packed in PET plastic jar.

Serving Suggestions

These forest mushrooms can be used in an omelette, cream sauce or mixed with pasta. Cooked with your meat or poultry, they will give you a unique flavor.

Rehydrate for at least one hour and rinse well in water

  • Brand: PLANTIN
  • Ingredients: 60% Yellow Bolets, 20% Oyster, 20% Black Fungus
  • Net Weight: 500 g
  • Origin: Product of France

Each set contains:

  • 500g Plantin Mushroom in jar.

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