TOURNA PRO Thin Thinnest Tennis Racquet Replacement Grips

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Tourna Pro Thin grip is the thinnest tennis replacement grip in the market. Let you feel the bevels of your grip to a maximum. 

Manufactured by the same US company producing the famous Tourna Grip Overgrip, Tourna Pro Thin replacement grip can reduce your grip size by up to one step.

This is a super thin but tacky grip with minimal cushioning to let you have a true feel of your racquet.

With 1.25 mm thickness, the Pro Thin Grip is the thinnest replacement grip you can buy in the market.

The Pro Thin Grip is perforated over the entire surface to provide absorption of moisture and give you a tacky feel.

Adhesive on the backside of the grip make for easy and seamless installation

Each unit package contains 1 grip with finishing tape.

Available in Black color.


  • 1.25mm Pro Thin Grip reduces grip by one size
  • Polymer material designed to let you feel bevels of grip
  • Perforated for moisture absorption
  • Tacky feel
  • Black color only

What's in the order

  • 1x Tourna Pro Thin Grips

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