TOURNA Cross Tennis Racquet String Saver with Applicator

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Tourna Cross is a String Saver used by pros to minimize string friction and maximize string life!

Whenever a ball hits a racquet, the strings wear against each other. Eventually, the strings will be wore out and break.

String savers work by sitting between strings to reduce the movement of the string upon impact with the ball, thus increasing their durability. They are used in high wear areas in the middle of the string bed to extend the life of the strings.

By adding string savers, there will be a slight increase in tension , thus produce a dampened feeling and deaden the feel of the frame.

Tourna Cross string savers increase sweet spot roughness as they stiffen up the hitting surface, which give you better control and ball spin.

Great for natural gut or synthetic strings. Will not affect your racquet playability.


  • Reduces string movement by locking strings in place
  • Applicator tool makes it easy to insert the Cross piece with one hand
  • Strings will not rub against each other
  • Tourna Cross will extend the life of your strings
  • Tourna Cross imparts more spin when ball is struck
  • Inserts in seconds with the Tourna Cross tool.
  • Made in Taiwan, Packed in USA

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