French PLANTIN Genuine Whole Summer Truffle Black Tuber Aestivum 25g in Jar

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The Summer truffle also known as "Truffes de la Saint Jean" is harvested from mid April to the beginning of August in the same area of France as it's cousin the black winter truffle.

The whole Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum) is near black on the surface with a pale grey flesh and white marbling that does not change color when exposed to air. Rich in the unmistakable truffle aroma, whole black summer truffle is a great compliment to any dish you serve them with.

Serving Suggestion

The summer truffle is best when used in the simplest way, sliced fresh in a salad, sprinkled with olive oil and coarse salt. It is better to avoid heating it too much so it keeps the most of its aroma. The lightly salted truffles make a great appetizer with hard cheese on crust toast as well as a delightful addition to several dishes like fish, meat, pasta or polenta.

  • Ingredients: Summer Truffles, Summer Truffle Juice, Salt, Water
  • Drain Weight of Whole Truffle: 25g
  • Net Weight: 30 g
  • Origin: Product of France

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