Genuine ACME Thunderer 477/585 Metal Fingergrip Whistle Made in UK

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The legendary ACME 477/585 Thunderer on a cushioned fingergrip is the best netball and Australian Rules football whistle in the world.

Easier to blow, more consistent sound, and faster to react.

Toughest build quality and perfection of finish, this model delivers the professional sound and professional look.

  • Made in UK - 130 years of whistle making experience
  • Includes two durable rubber finger cushions and mouthpiece
  • Tapered mouthpiece design
  • Natural cork ball helps the whistle emit a highly audible trill to get the attention of players or spectators
  • Waterproof speed pea which doesn't lose intensity when growing wet with saliva
  • Unbeatable in strong winds and easily heard because of fluctuating frequencies
  • Adjustable fingergrip, originally developed by Acme, is the authentic design

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