Japanese Sushi Seaweed Kura Certified Organic Sushi Nori 28g (10 sheets)

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Kura Certified Organic Sushi Nori is classified as Grade A Gold Nori, the highest quality Japanese sushi seaweed you can buy!

Its quality is shown in its dark colour, inhibiting a smooth and rich taste, truly reflecting the flavour of authentic Japanese Nori.

Perfect for making homemade sushi rolls anytime!

Just handrolls sushi with your favourite ingredients and simply eating as-is! Undeniably delicious!

Health Features

  • No artificial flavours
  • No artificial colours
  • No preservatives
  • GMO free
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan friendly
  • Grade A Gold


  • Ingredients: Organic Roasted Seaweed (100%)
  • Package Size: 10 sheets
  • Net Weight: 28 g
  • Origin: Product of China

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