La Tourangelle French Artisan Oil Any 6x250ml White Truffle / Black Truffle Oil

La Tourangelle French Artisan Oil Any 6x250ml White Truffle / Black Truffle Oil

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La Tourangelle

White & Black Truffle Oil

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-- White Truffle Grapeseed Oil 250ml
-- Black Truffle Grapeseed Oil 250ml

White Truffles originate in Alba, Italy and are considered by many to be the most prestigious and expensive truffles. La Tourangelle White Truffle Oil perfectly captures the exquisite taste of the rare fungi.

Black Truffles originate in Provence, France and are one of the most precious ingredients of Mediterranean cooking. La Tourangelle Black Truffle Oil perfectly captures the exquisite taste of the rare fungi.

Health Benefits

The natural white truffle aroma and the natural black truffle aroma is also infused in grapeseed oil which is a great oil.

So the health benefit of White and Black Truffle Oil is actually coming from the grapeseed oil. As one of the richest natural sources of linoleic acid, grapeseed oil can do wonders when it comes to fighting heart disease and bad cholesterol. Linoleic acid is a member of the polyunsaturated fatty acid family. These fatty acids tend to blend with cholesterol in the blood and transform it into something the body knows how to get rid of.

Handcrafted in France

La Tourangelle White and Black Truffle Oil's body is made of Grapeseed oil, which is slowly infused with natural white truffle essence following a 150-year-old French tradition. The Grapeseed Oil is handcrafted in Saumur, located in the Loire Valley of France, strictly following 150-year-old traditional methods.

Wine production is a cherished tradition in France. Once they have finished making their wine, the winemakers gather all the seeds, dry them and bring them to their local oil mill. There, a somewhat arduous process begins. Since the seeds are so tiny and abrasive, powerful machines are required to crush them. The process is very time-consuming since the seeds contain less than 10% oil.

Grapeseed Oil is then used to infuse White truffle extract because of its great properties and its neutral flavour that won't interfere with the aroma like olive oil may do.

Just like the most prestigious perfumes, the white truffle aroma is very rare, expensive and difficult to source. La Tourangelle is but only a few companies master the art of producing the extract.

The Real Deal vs. El Cheapo

Most of the truffle oil products in the market DO NOT contain any truffles. In fact, most of the so called "truffle oils" are manufactured by infusing synthetic chemicals with truffle aroma into olive oil. Therefore they are seemingly marketed in cheaper prices. So before buying truffle oil, read the label carefully.

Only a select few companies in the world produce authentic truffle oils. La Tourangelle is one of such prestigious oil producers that infuse real truffle essence extracted from expensive truffles into grapeseed oil.

About La Tourangelle

The production of gourmet oils is a time-honoured tradition in France. Originally, each village had a mill which roasted and extracted the oil from nuts gathered by local farmers. These delicious oils were used in hearty rustic fare and were also found in Paris’ finest restaurants.

La Tourangelle Artisan Oils are manufactured by Huilerie Croix Verte, one of just a handful of these remaining mills that keep this tradition alive: hand-crafting a wide range of delicious, 100% natural, premium quality artisan oils from the best raw materials and distributes them in many countries around the world.

We guarantee all La Tourangelle artisan oils sold in our store are authentic products imported directly from their French mill only.

We do not carry any La Tourangelle's American Mill product.

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