NASSAU Stage 3 Tennis Balls ITF Approved Red Youth Junior Starter Balls 12 Pack

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NASSAU Stage 3 Tennis Balls are high quality training balls approved by International Tennis Federation (ITF) for teaching youngsters the game of tennis.

NASSAU Stage 3 Tennis Balls are 15% larger than standard tennis balls with lower compression, therefore it is 75% slower than regular tennis balls. They are designed for playing in 36-foot half tennis courts.

These bigger and slower tennis balls are ideal for young children ages 8 and under to learn and enjoy the sport of tennis, enable them to develop skills in a slower pace.

Manufactured by Korean sporting goods company Nassau Sports in their Indonesia factory and approved by ITF, NASSAU Stage 3 Tennis Balls will be your top equipment choice for youth tennis program.

  • ITF approved high quality Stage 3 Red tennis ball
  • Oversize to 15% larger than normal ball
  • Lower ball compression to reduce shock force
  • Reduce ball speed by 75%
  • Ideal for use on 36-foot courts
  • Recommended for kids 8 and younger
  • Pack of 12 balls

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