NASSAU TUJI TRAPPER Size 5 Soccer Ball KFA Approved Training Football Soft Touch

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NASSAU TUJI Soccer Balls are the latest series of premium quality soccer balls introduced by leading Korean sports equipment manufacturer, Nassau Sports Co., established since 1971!

Nassau TUJI TRAPPER soccer ball was designed with wind tunnel technologies to achieve optimum aerodynamic to achieve flight stability and long flying distance. Using hybrid construction technology, the TUJI TRAPPER is made of soft touch Korean PU material as outer layer, and high elasticity microfiber inner layer for excellent control and durability.

The Nassau TUJI TRAPPER soccer ball is endorsed by Korean Football Association (KFA).


  • Hybrid ball construction with multiple layers different materials
  • Soft touch Korean PU for outer layer
  • Elasticity microfiber for inner layer
  • Official size and weight match ball
  • KFA(Korea Football Association) Approved
  • Available in SIZE 5
  • Designed in Korea
  • Made in Pakistan

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