NELCO INDIANO Low Spin Discus 65% Rim Weight

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The Nelco INDIANO Club discus is an economy discus especially created for beginners. It is steel rim discus with 65% rim weight in Yellow color body.

Made by one of the world's leading manufacturers for athletics equipment, Nelco of India, this discus is composed of a smooth steel rim permanently attached to a durable ABS plastic body. It holds to cage hits or poor landing surfaces extremely well.


  • High impact resistant Yellow ABS side plates
  • Smooth stainless steel rim
  • 65% rim weight
  • Good aero-dynamic body and easy to control
  • Designed for beginner throwers
  • Comes in three weights: 750g, 1Kg, 1.5kg

How to choose the proper rim weight?

If throw properly, a higher rim weight discus spins faster and flights longer distance in the air.

However, most beginners lack of ability to spin the discus properly, therefore a high rim weighted discus may fall off the sky prematurely and perform worse than a low rim weighted discus.

It is advised that beginners should stay away from rim weights over 80% until their technique is advanced. They should use low rim weight rubber or wood discus to begin training with because it is easier to control their spin and flight.

When the athletes are able to throw a low rim-weighted discus to hit the ground flat and is still spinning, it might be time to move up in rim weight.

However, if the athletes throw a high rim-weighted discus only to see it turns and falls off the sky very early in flight, the rim weight of the discus is too high and should go to a lower rim weight discus.


This is a genuine Nelco product with laser printed verification label.


  • Material: Steel Rim with ABS plate
  • Gross Weight: 750g, 1Kg, 1.5Kg
  • Origin: Made in India

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