NELCO ULTRA SPIN ODYSSEY High Performance Discus Black Rim - RimGlide 75M

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Nelco's ULTRA SPIN ODYSSEY discus is a top level high performance discus for elite throwers around the world, with RimGlide 75M rating. 

Featuring a rust proof BLACK ALLOY rim, the Odyssey discus comes with optimized high rim weight ratio to offer ultra high spin with advanced throwing technique for longer flying distance.

Package comes with bonus Nelco Discus Carry Case.


Black alloy rim with reinforced strong white ABS plates featuring Nelco's PMD (Preventive Mechanism Against Damage) technology to offer exceptional durability.

Available Weights:

1Kg, 1.5Kg, 1.75Kg and 2Kg.

IAAF Certification:

There are 3 IAAF certified implements in ULTRA SPIN ODYSSEY discus range :

1Kg, 1.75Kg and 2Kg.


RimGlide Rating

We are pleased to introduce Nelco’s latest line-up of high performance competition discus with innovative distance rated RimGlide technology.

Every competition grade discus comes with RimGlide Distance Rating to help throwers to select the most suitable discus based on their ability, skill and throw conditions. To develop the RimGlide technology, Nelco engineers have been exploring the optimum weight distribution to achieve the furthest flight by presetting the ideal portion of weight to the rim on the discus.

In general, higher RimGlide Distance Rating is proportion to higher rim weight rating. The following table shows the relationship between new RimGlide rating and previou Rim Weight rating of Nelco discus.

Discus Name    RimGlide DR      Spin    Rim weight %

Ultra Spin          RimGlide 78m     Ultra High          88%
Odyssey            RimGlide 75m       Ultra High        87%
Gold                  RimGlide 75m       High                86%
Super-Spin        RimGlide 70m   Medium-High     85%
Ultimo               RimGlide 70m   Medium-High     83%
Olympia            RimGlide 67m       Medium          80%
Lo-Spin             RimGlide 65m          Low              75%

A higher rim weight discus suits a thrower who has a more evolved technique. A thrower who can maintain a spin through two-thirds or more of the throw should move up to a higher rim weight discus. A lower rim discus may stay in the hand longer for more control and may suit a beginner or an intermediary thrower.

Wind is also a factor that effects selection of your discus. A high rim discus that may encounter a crosswind will tip prematurely reducing throw potential. One may move to a lower rim discus for better control in windy conditions.

Thus, it is necessary to carry a mix of discus will allow throwers to maintain stability and consistency in performance during practice and competition.

Guideline for Discus Selection

Nelco developed a full range of high quality discus to suit different levels of individual athletes. As a general guide, athletes should choose a specific rim weight discus based on their skill levels as follow:

  • Center weighted discuses - 50% Rim weight: Beginner throwers.
  • Low spin discuses - 75% Rim weight: Intermediate throwers, top ranked middle school throwers, intermediate college throwers.
  • Super spin discuses - 80-85% Rim weight: Top level high school and college throwers.
  • Ultra spin discuses - 86-88% Rim weight: Elite level high school and collegiate throwers, competitive throwers at national and international meets.

Australian Distributor

Nelco is the most thrown discus than any other brand over the past three decades. Yet it may also be the most copied discus in the world.

We are authorized Nelco distributor in Australia. All Nelco discus sold by us are imported directly from manufacturer. Every Nelco discus comes with a Nelco hologram to ensure genuine product with authentic rim weight.

International Buyers

We supply our products to most countries in the world. We will calculate accurate international postage based on actual weight and dimension of your order. Therefore international buyers are advised to contact us for shipping rates before placing your order.

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