Australian Racquetball 2 Players Beginners Set with 2x Racquets and 6 Slow Speed Blue Balls

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This is an affordable racquetball 2 players set ideal for beginners to play the Australian rules Racquetball sport.

The TURBO racquet's lightweight frame is extremely easy to handle and non-intimidating in the hands of younger players, which leads to better control and more accuracy with each swing. In addition, the slightly smaller 21” frame makes learning easy.

The TURBO aluminium alloy body is durable enough for using in coaching classes and includes a protective bumper construction that can stand up to hearty wear and tear, along with accidental impacts and ground hitting.

The racquet comes with synthetic grips that offer an ergonomic and dry hand feel for better gripping power.


Australian Racquetball Beginner's Kit includes:


  • 2 pieces of 21 inch Turbo Aluminum Alloy Racquets
  • 6 pieces of soft slow speed racquetball balls specially designed for Australian rules.


    • Aluminum-Alloy Frame
    • Midsized Head
    • O-Beam Construction
    • Synthetic Grip
    • Nylon Strings
    • 21 inches length

    • Model: Josan Turbo
    • Package Weight: 750g
    • Racket Length : 525mm (21 in)
    • Origin: Made in Taiwan

    Each set contains:

    • 2 x Rackets
    • 6 x Low bounce Soft Balls

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