SHINE DRY COURT Tennis Court Squeegee - Court Sweeper - Surface Water Remover

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Whenever a tennis match is interrupted by heavy rain, Shine Dry Court tennis court squeegee comes to the rescue!

Shine Dry Court tennis court squeegee is your must have equipment for tennis hard court maintenance. It is designed to remove tennis court surface water quickly. With its 1.5 meter wide EVA rubber blade, you can quickly sweep large area of surface water and drive it out of the court. And the remaining moisture on the court can be blow dry or evaporated naturally in short period of time. It is much more efficient and effective than the sponge roller type of court dryer.

This is a anti-rusty, lightweight aluminium construction equipment. The squeegee has a pair of fixed axle wheels and can be pushed quickly on the court surface to drive out water. The EVA rubber blade is also durable and can be replaced when worn out. The set comes with a spare EVA blade.

The Shine Dry Court comes as a kit in a color box. You need to follow the instruction diagram to assemble it with the parts before using. It is very simple to put together.

Other Usage

No only you can use this court sweeper to remove water, you can also use it to sweep fallen leaves, or even collect tennis balls for the coach.

Moreover, this court sweeper can be used in other sports courts, such as netball courts and other outdoor sports venues in rainy days.

In fact you can use it to remove surface water in any large flat surface.

  • Non-rusty aluminium construction
  • Easy to use and manoeuvre on flat surface
  • EVA foam rubber blade for better sweeping
  • Replaceable EVA foam blade when worn out
  • Comes with a spare EVA blade
  • 1.5 meter Wide sweeping wing to cover bigger area
  • Lightweight
  • Come in a kit and assembly required before using
  • Shipped in 1 carton 65 x 30 x 20 cm


Package Content
  • 1x Shine Dry Court in Color Box
  • Materials: Full aluminium frame and EVA foam blade
  • Width of Blade: 150 cm
  • Packaging Carton Size: 65 x 30 x 20cm
  • Packaging Weight: 6 kg
  • ORIGIN: Made in Taiwan


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