TOURNA Rosin Grip 2 oz Shaker Bottle Natural Hand Drying Powder

TOURNA Rosin Grip 2 oz Shaker Bottle Natural Hand Drying Powder

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It is steamy hot under the sun. The game is enduring. Your racquet handle is slippery. Don't panic! TOURNA ROSIN GRIP comes to the rescue!

Tourna Rosin Grip, made by renowned US tennis accessories manufacturer Unique Sport, is one of the top notch grip solution products on the market.

Tourna Rosin Grip contains highest quality rosin powder that is mined and refined in the USA. The rosin is contained in a shaker bottle for easy dispense and storage, maintaining optimal condition after every use.

Endorsed by all time tennis great Pete Sampras, Tourna Rosin Grip dries your hands and the racquet grips immediately. It works even on the hottest days of the year and under very humid conditions. You can confidently grip your racquet throughout your steamy and enduring game without lost control.

Tourna Rosin Grip is not limited to use in tennis games. In fact it can be used in any sports that required a dry and sure grip, such as cricket, golf, badminton, table tennis, baseball, gymnastic, etc.

Tourna Rosin Grip is simple to use, and small and lightweight enough to put in your hip pocket and carry around in your games.

Rosin powder is a natural resin extracted from plants. It is non-allergenic and safe to use.


  • Dry Rosin Powder keeps hands dry to maintain a solid grip on the racquet
  • Shake powder onto hands to dry them
  • Neat twist-top shaker bottle to easily dispense powder
  • Non-allergenic, safe

  • Material: Refined rosin powder
  • Package Weight: 57 grams
  • Product Origin: Made in USA

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